CCSRtip Tuesday – Hiding Media Components & Their Wires

What do Media Components ie. – DVD/BluRay players, CD players, Gaming consoles – all have in common? Ugly wires that poke up and hang out everywhere!

What can be done about it?

CCSRtip – Hide those unsightly media component wires and even the units themselves with a custom built mantle or media unit!

In our example below, we designed a recessed mantle that could house all of our media components and then have all the wires come up a neat grommet hole through the back of the flat mantle piece – where all the wires could hide nicely behind the TV unit itself. This mantle doubles as a nice accent to our fireplace feature wall – one that you would never guess is loaded with all the necessities for movie watching and game playing.


Thanks to TDR Woodcraft for always understanding the visions and for BUILDING this amazing piece. Thanks to Crystal Loewen Photography for the always beautiful photos.

For project elevation drawings, click here.


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