UPDATE: After Photo of “Ugly” Brick Fireplace


4 thoughts on “UPDATE: After Photo of “Ugly” Brick Fireplace

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    • We love your work, and especially what you’ve done with this fireplace. Would it be possible to learn the name/manufacturer of this tile?

      • Hi Corey – Thank you! The accent tile is from Tierra Sol in Burnaby, BC. This tile is currently still in stock, but has been discontinued – Name: Murano Glass- Colour: Shell. Currently retails for $8.69 (on sale). There are similar tiles to these in their showroom – which is well worth a visit. Here is a link to their website: http://www.tierrasol.ca/ Let me know if you have any further questions… would be happy to help.

      • Thanks! We’ll contact them tomorrow. Unfortunately, we’re a long way from there (we’er in Pennsylvania), so won’t be able to make it to the showroom.

        The tile you used on the base actually looks very similar to something we’ve used in our baths.

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