CCSRtip Tuesday – Cute Basics of Kitchen Design

CCSR Interior Design has had the opportunity to work on a few kitchen renovations. In design school they teach us a lot about kitchen design and about the proper layout for ease & function of the working area. There are many things to remember when working out your ideal kitchen, but when reading a past issue of one of my favourite go-to magazines CanadianHouse&Home (October 2010 Volume 32 Number 10 pg. 100) I thought they put together a concise and neat formula for putting together a functional & well designed space.

DESIGN BY NUMBERS: Classic formulas to ensure your kitchen measures up.


Minimum inches needed between an island and a counter


Number of outlets needed for an island longer than 6 feet


Minimum inches of work surface on either side of a stove


Minimum inches a ceiling fixture should be from the wall


Inches between the bottom of a pendant and the top of an island


Feet needed between recessed halogen lights


Inches tall a counter should be for bar seating

Now you can hop to designing your very own dream kitchen. If you have any questions about kitchen or even bath design – leave me a comment and I’ll answer!


UPDATE: 2010-13 Renovation Update

Day 12 of our 16 Day Renovation. Yes, 16 days instead of 14. Delayed… 😦 But we are almost there! Check back again for our completed photos. Enjoy our “Update Video” showing our progress during those 12 days. Thanks!