Why, O Why… Pink as an interior theme?

Pink is a wonderful colour… Hey, it’s currently found in my 2 1/2 year old daughter’s room! BUT.. PINK/PEACH/SALMON seems to be what I see in almost every home I enter that needs some design work! These houses are typically between 15-25 years old and are all plagued with pink/peach/salmon paint, wallpaper, carpet, countertops, tile and plumbing fixtures! In our most recent project: an ensuite renovation in west maple ridge, these colours were definitely well used.

Here are some before photos of the room…

Make sure you pop back in a few weeks to see how we dealt with our “pink problem”. Meanwhile – have fun dreaming up ways to deal with any of your un-loved “pink problems”!


1 thought on “Why, O Why… Pink as an interior theme?

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