CCSRtip Tuesday – Kelly Hoppen

I’ve been holding on to this web clipping for a few months, and I’m excited to share it with you today. In an article for, Kelly Hoppen (a design icon) discusses “her top ten style rules that were made to be broken”


1. ‘Don’t overcrowd a room with large furniture.’ Play with scale. In a large room, large-scale objects fill the space and make it feel more intimate. Even in small rooms a few oversized objects can trick the eye into believing it’s bigger than it is.

2. ‘Listen to your instincts.’ Plan to the very last detail. Plans might sound boring but they are essential for avoiding costly mistakes. Consider everything from furnishings and lighting to the technology so every element can be brought together in harmony.

3. ‘Kitchens need bright task lighting.’ Every room needs a variety of lighting. It’s more pleasant to cook an evening meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Use a range of sculptural soft lights and candles to create mood and interesting shadows.

4. ‘Light colours create space.’ Dark colours can create a dramatic atmosphere and, when teamed with contrasting fabrics, a sense of indulgence.

5. ‘Display your favourite objects.’ Choose the best, store the rest.

6. ‘Upgrade when you can.’ Save for what you really want.

7. ‘Don’t fuss with detailing.’ Use bands and buttons on cushions to freshen up the look of a room. They are an ideal way to unify contrasting colours and textures.

8. ‘White is the essential neutral.’ The perfect neutral is taupe. Taupe loves white, natural linens, shades of stone, metal and dark stained wood.

9. ‘A sofa should be a elegant statement.’ A sofa also needs to be incredibly comfortable, fit your practical needs and enhance your room. Using L- or U-shaped seating configurations works well and can direct the eye to a focal point such as a fireplace.

10. ‘Mirrors should be hung over fireplaces.’ Use them with abandon. Mirrors, glass surfaces and objects that reflect light add depth to a room and allow a play of light.

Hope you enjoyed some great “everyday” design and decor advice from this amazing british interior designer. Be sure to check out her website and blog for many inspiring images. She has also written quite a few books, they are currently living on some shelves in my home – great reference material for any person interested in this subject matter. Have a lovely day… Check back soon for those Project Updates – coming at the end of the week!


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