CCSRtip Tuesday: Style your Home…

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When we want to create an inviting scene in a room, we will often “style” the room to create interest. For the most part we do this for our photo shoots – to make the spaces feel warmer and lived in… But, we all love the idea of having these perfectly styled homes with everything in place and all these decorative touches that showcase our most prized possessions with a real warmth along with a strong sense of organization and structure. BUT… how to achieve this is a different story.

The first place I always start is the Vignette – defined by (I know!) as:

Any small endearing scene, view, picture. etc.

SMALL – that key word is a great place to begin. Choose one or two decorative pieces in your home and then arrange them with scale, purpose, and aesthetic value in mind. Remember that simple is always best, so stay away from too many colours, textures or themes – instead layers items with similar qualities together. Contrast is important – so that visual interest in created, but one should pay close attention that pieces don’t compete with each other.

You can create these scenes in different areas of your home – and being that these Vignettes are usually small groupings – this is not an overwhelming task and one that can be done by simply rearranging things that are already present in your space. Great places to start are: bookshelves, kitchen counters, bathroom cabinets (open storage), bedside, entry and dining tables. Once you have put together your vignettes on the small scale – you can move into arranging your larger items: occasional chairs and side tables into small groupings.

Designer’s tested and true styling favourites: hardcover books, magazines, sculptural vases or bowls, candles, reflective or translucent surfaces, photos, rolled up or folded towels and organic matter – which includes the all time favourite: fresh flowers. Some more vignette ideas from CCSR Interior Design below… Happy Styling.

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