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CCSRloves The Bible

CCSR Interior Design loves Jesus & The Bible. (incase you didn’t know!) Anyways – I was at a client/friend’s house a few weeks ago and saw a verse that she had mounted on wall – “by wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches…” Proverbs 24:3-4. What a great verse!

Anyways – it got me thinking… I love design and what I do. The Lord has put this strong desire in my heart to help people with their homes – and form great relationships with them  in the process. These verses are neat little encouragements for me in my daily life – and they all have something to do with building your  house & home. Since you are reading my blog – I would assume that you are interested in interior design as well – and possibly interested in The Bible if you are reading this post! So click on them if you’d like… and check out my little “note cards” below!

CCSRtip Tuesday: Sample Budget -The Ensuite

(click on image to see larger)

Here’s a neat little pie chart of information from several of the Ensuite Renovations we have worked on with our clients. If you click on the image above, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of the different budget line items to keep in mind when planning and budgeting for your Ensuite Renovation. From my experience (little as it may be!) I have noted that Ensuites (the bathroom off the Master Bedroom) along with Kitchens (of course!)  are great places to renovate because they are usually hold their value when looking to sell your home. If the “re-sale” factor isn’t as issue or something that you are considering – then both the Ensuite and the Kitchen happen to also be the spaces where people like tend to spend their time – whether gathering to eat a meal or in the case of The Ensuite – RELAXING IN THE TUB!

Ensuite Renovation Budget Breakdown

1) Design Fees – 6%

2) Plumbing Fixtures – 19%

3) Tile – 7%

4) Tile Installation Labour – 7%

5) Cabinetry – 8%

6) Plumbing Labour – 10%

7) Demolition & Carpentry – 14%

8) Painting – 3%

9) Electrical Labour – 11%

10) Electrical Fixtures – 3%

11) Glass Shower Doors – 6%

12) Stone Countertop – 4%

13) Misc. & Accessories – 2%

And this brings us to the 100% Pure Bliss from Having a Lovely New Ensuite Retreat

Many people choose to put more luxurious items in this one area: and therefore these budgeting numbers are Ensuite Specific. These more “luxe” items might include: free standing soaker tubs, tiled shower surrounds with glass enclosures, plumbing fixtures that have a beautiful design aesthetic-or greater functionality – such as body sprays, heat mats that are placed under their tile to keep a pleasant temperature, heated towel bars, and other beautiful design options.

If you want to take a look at the finished product of what the type of Ensuites we are hired to work on please look at our website: ccsrdesign.ca and you’ll be able to find a few there. If you ever want help planning your spaces we are always available – and would love to help you personally with budgeting. But, hopefully this quick little blog post helps you understand how to plan for your Ensuite Renovation! Thanks for stopping by – and pop by again soon to see an update to our most recent Ensuite Renovation – Project: 2011-17.

please note: these are only estimates and are taken from our personal experiences – and are to be used as a helpful guideline but not an all encompassing formula when planning your new renovation. 😉