CCSRthought of the day

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, we were discussing our “design styles”…

At the moment, I have yet to design a space with 100% me in mind… And as we were discussing I realized that more often than not, I am designing around the big bully in the room: MR. BUDGET.

I remember studying some Art History and always thinking …. Why on earth does one need “patrons to the arts” And why is “work” commissioned … And why doesn’t good design/art have a value. Deep questions for a Friday afternoon… Ha ha! Anyways… This could be a very long and in depth discussion, BUT alas there is sun outside and deadlines to be attended to. (with a blessed laptop to enjoy those rays)

So… Just my thought for the day. How do we get around that very real dilemma of producing something beautiful, full of all it’s potential – being true to the original vision… when to do so would break the bank! (or in the least be just out of reach… As there are mouths to feed, bills to pay and saving accounts that need deposits!)

It’s important to be responsible and realistic with our money… After all, the world we live in today has had to realize we were lacking in our understanding of this concept.

Well… That’s all for now! Write down your own comments on the budget bully when trying to accomplish your design dreams…

I will now put down my iPhone (first blog ala WordPress app) and get back to actual work – where I am so blessed to be able to create spaces that are hopefully a good balance of budget consciousness and design dreamery!