CCSRloves: Juju!!! …Who???



I’m sure many of you are familiar with this beautiful design trend – The Juju Hat – the simply wonderful airy and lovely piece of art, that has found it’s way into many homes. Although you may have seen the Juju – do you know the background behind this incredibly unique hat? Non??? Then let me share what our local – The Cross Decor & Design – shop has to say about these dreamy decor pieces…


Home to a diversity of chiefdoms, kingdoms, and villages are the grasslands of the beautifully forested volcanic mountains of Cameroon. Some of the most important tribes include the Bamoun in the East, The Bamileke in the South and the Tikar east of the Bamoun. During royal court affairs, the celebrants of these kingdoms wear a spectacular headdress known as the Tyn or Juju Hat.

The hat is worn by the chiefs, senior dignitaries, prominent officials and important dancers. This large bright hat consists of multicoloured bird feathers. The feathers range in a wide variety of colours including white.

The feathers are carefully sewn onto a raffia finer base, covered with material on the outside that splays out into a huge circle. When not in use between festivities, the Tyn hat can be neatly folded in on itself for easy storage.

The feathers are utilized as rare objects of beauty, as a symbol of prosperity and for the wealth of positive qualities associated with birds.






Aren’t they dreamy??? Here is the really great part – a local blogger has posted a JuJu Hat Tutorial, so click away if you want to try this design trend in your home for a fraction of the price. But, if buying the real thing is more up your alley, click here to order your very own!


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