CCSRiconic: Kelly Wearstler



I have been a fan of Kelly Wearstler’s for a while now. She is widely known for her inspiring hotel interiors, abstract art, blog and fashion line – among other things! Her fourth book, Rhapsody is being released by Rizzoli on October 23rd – and today I read an interview she did for the Los Angeles Times | Homes section. The journalist describes Kelly as a women who is “fluent in many forms of visual communication”, (totally agree by the way) – I think that as a designer or someone who is interested in using their God given talents to reflect beauty in our world – that is a wonderful compliment and aspiration – the whole idea of being able to tell a story with your art. Kelly Wearstler is a very interesting woman, and when reading this interview further, I found myself taken with her one of her answers, so much so, that I thought I would share it on the blog!

Where do you go for inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere; you just have to look around you. I find it taking my little boys to LACMA and MOCA, going shopping for vintage clothes and furniture in Los Angeles and just spending time at the beach in Malibu, which clears my head. I always tell everyone you have to educate your eyes. The more you see, the more you know what is special. So I look for the anomalies, the unusual things that I have not seen a million times before. I like things that have a voice, that say something. That lights my fire and keeps me going. You have to look for something unique. If you don’t take risks, you can’t evolve, whether it’s what you eat or how you dress or how you decorate your home.

The interview was great – click here to read the full article by David A. Keeps. See below for Kelly’s other titles and look for her new book on!





CCSRiconic: For the Love of The Chair – Series1: Louis Ghost Chair

The Chair… Any Chair. Why? Well, so much can be summed up about design or architecture, about history, about utility, or about art with The Chair.

We all use the chair – and therefore they are all around us. What we don’t realize is that they say so much – they speak to us about how we interact with life. There are so many iconic chairs that we have all seen before but we don’t realize their significance – or their actual place in history. I am excited to share with readers a little bit about why they are important.

Series1: Louis Ghost Chair

I could literally write a novel on my love for this chair… But I won’t. (Your thinking – thank goodness!)



This chair was designed by Philippe Starck, for the Kong Restaurant in Paris – for that installation they came with different faces on the medallion back. The chair is a polycarbonate design that is transparent – or comes injected with colour. It is currently produced by Kartell.

Kong Restaurant in Paris - Interior

This chair references the Baroque (Rococo-late 1700s) period of the 18th century – and the Louis XV style. The proportions of this single moulded chair makes for a comfortable seat. One of the reasons I love this piece, is because of it’s vitreous quality – which does not obstruct light and therefore makes for great use in small or dark spaces – It is just a great statement piece. This chair has been duplicated by “inexpensive” versions, has started a lucite/polycarbonate revival of sorts, and is seen all over the world in restaurants, residential dining rooms, wedding banquet halls, hotels.. you name it – THERE IT IS! I personally love this chair (did I mention that already??) and am happy to have one in my home to enjoy for years to come… It’s a great reference to the past, but yet with it’s stylized manner – feels extremely grounded in todays aesthetic.

Philippe Starck is a genius – you need to know about him and research everything that he has had a hand in creating – massive influence in our design world today (I had the opportunity to do a project on him while I was in Design School – his work gets me every time.)

Classic Starck circa 2006 via

Hope you have enjoyed our first ‘For the Love of The Chair’ series. Come back again – you’ll never know when you’ll learn something new about that piece of furniture you are sitting on right now.

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