CCSRlibrary: AT’s: Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

I have been wanting to order this book for some time now, and finally placed my chapters.indigo order this evening. I have heard so many great reviews – and for someone who currently lives in a Small[erish] (not sure if it’s Cool) Space – 968 sqft for two adults and two children… I feel like I have a vested interest in this subject matter. I am also a designer who LOVES to plan interiors that do not waste a single MORCEL of space. (Albeit, not quite to Apartment Therapy’s standard – but still!)

This need to optimize space is so reflective of the stage of life that I’m in right now – ie. mother of two with clever storage on the mind, also realizing that “real estate” is expensive – therefore we must use every nook and cranny we have! I’m sure that with time this tendency will ease up – but for now I will take pleasure in getting new space-saving ideas from this great book and in my sleep will continue to dream of new ways to make our Little Garden Suite seem Larger Than … 1000 sqft???