CCSRtip Tuesday – Some bathroom renovation ideas

Today we start our first renovation of 2012 and we thought we’d share some ideas that we are using for this Ensuite Design.

Here is our elevation sketch for this project: where we used four ideas for a bathroom update.


A) Pendant lighting.

This is a unique and new way to light vanities… working the same way that sconces do – providing that great overall lighting on your face. Overhead vanity lighting and pot lights create a dark shadow on your face and a great solution for this is sconce lighting or this pendant lighting with the centre of the fixture hung at 5′-6″ A.F.F. Above is an example of a Tech Lighting pendant over vanity – beautiful.

B) Wall mounted faucet.

These faucets are a great choice if you want to add a little bit of interest to your bathroom. Used with a vessel sink, above counter sink, even a under-mount sink – these slick faucets are pretty great. They take a little more thought when specifying them – i.e.. height above sink rim- comfortable height for on/off lever and of course a plumber who has installed them before – it’s a little like a shower rough-in, but easy enough to figure out after a little research! Above are a few examples of more interesting wall mount faucets from our friends at Kohler and American Standard! We used the last example for this application.

C) Floating vanity with under-cabinet lighting

If you are going for a more contemporary look this is a great option – also adding more visual appeal to your space. When you have this great feature –  a floating vanity – what better to accentuate this, but with under-cabinet lighting. An easy way to achieve this look is with 3 LED puck lights surface mounted to the bottom of the unit. Unless you bend all the way over, you’ll never be able to see them, and this is much more cost effective that those amazing LED strips (they are amazing, you have no shadow gaps or visible fixture – but they are expensive!) This light feature will help you set a great mood or provide a neat night light.

 D) Recessed shower cubby.

Do you have a tiled shower surround? Do you find that you need more storage for your shower? Are you a little nervous of water issues in your shower? Yes??? Then these great shower cubby’s are option for you. They come in a variety of sizes and because of their design – they ensure that there is a water tight installation. Above photo shows an option from Maxx – we installed this version in our Marble Bathroom from last summer… The last photo shows another option where the installer added a beautiful tiled pattern to the recess.

UPDATE: THAT Pink Bathroom

In July, we posted about an outdated Pink Bathroom in West Maple Ridge… Although, the colour was an issue in this ensuite, the layout was definitely the reason for the renovation. (Especially since there are websites devoted to Pink Bathrooms – see THIS to believe it!) In this 12′-0″ x 8′-6″ room, the large soaker tub took up half of the floor area. There was literally no storage because of the pedestal sink and the shower was one of the typical 3′-0″ x 3′-0″ enclosures with the angled exterior corner door – which was just not functional for daily use.

So, it was to the drawing board for us – how do use our space wisely and create a functional environment that also has amazing form. We designed a beautiful 5′-6″ vanity with lots of storage, it also had two sinks and it’s lines mirrored the master suite furniture. We added lighting above head and a sconce to provide eye height lighting (which does not cast uneven shadows on the face) and the client also thought it would be lovely to include a chandelier above HER freestanding dream soaker tub. All of the elegant plumbing fixtures are finished in polished chrome to add to the sparkle and reflection in the space, along with the glass shower door enclosure – which continues to enlarge the room. The marble – in various sizes, 12″x24″, 6″x18″ and 1″x1″ was used to create pattern and interest in the floor and 6″x18″ tile was used on the shower wall with a 2″x12″ chairrail to finish the edge. We were also able to include details such as; a heated floor mat (laid under the tile) and a heated towel unit, and we also ordered pulls from a specialty retailer in Victoria.

These clients, (as all my clients are) were again wonderful to work with – with such close attention to detail that all parties involved in the process, myself included (!!!) were so pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy seeing how we came up with our solution to our previous Pink Problem…. Here are some before and after photos as promised.

PS… If you are a fan of apartment therapy – they apparently enjoy Pink Bathrooms as well…. Although … WAY more stylish than ours was!

West Georgia&CC-810

Have you been driving down West Georgia St. in the 1500 block lately???

If you have or if you are planning on being down in that area – take a quick look at 1575 West Georgia St. (on your right hand side if heading to the Park) and you will be able to see a wonderful colour from Benjamin Moore painted at the entryway of that building. A few months back CCSR ID had the opportunity to do some work for clients who are tenants in that building and one of the items in our scope of work was to select a new colour for the face of the building.

We selected the Benjamin Moore colour CC-810 Hudson Bay to compliment the grey concrete exterior, add a nice punch of great colour, and to remind the eye of amazing ocean views that the area has to offer.

Why, O Why… Pink as an interior theme?

Pink is a wonderful colour… Hey, it’s currently found in my 2 1/2 year old daughter’s room! BUT.. PINK/PEACH/SALMON seems to be what I see in almost every home I enter that needs some design work! These houses are typically between 15-25 years old and are all plagued with pink/peach/salmon paint, wallpaper, carpet, countertops, tile and plumbing fixtures! In our most recent project: an ensuite renovation in west maple ridge, these colours were definitely well used.

Here are some before photos of the room…

Make sure you pop back in a few weeks to see how we dealt with our “pink problem”. Meanwhile – have fun dreaming up ways to deal with any of your un-loved “pink problems”!

CCSRtip Tuesday – Hiding Media Components & Their Wires

What do Media Components ie. – DVD/BluRay players, CD players, Gaming consoles – all have in common? Ugly wires that poke up and hang out everywhere!

What can be done about it?

CCSRtip – Hide those unsightly media component wires and even the units themselves with a custom built mantle or media unit!

In our example below, we designed a recessed mantle that could house all of our media components and then have all the wires come up a neat grommet hole through the back of the flat mantle piece – where all the wires could hide nicely behind the TV unit itself. This mantle doubles as a nice accent to our fireplace feature wall – one that you would never guess is loaded with all the necessities for movie watching and game playing.


Thanks to TDR Woodcraft for always understanding the visions and for BUILDING this amazing piece. Thanks to Crystal Loewen Photography for the always beautiful photos.

For project elevation drawings, click here.

A Tale of the “Ugly” Brick Fireplace…

A few weeks ago, a lovely friend, Kim of  Favourite Things, asked if I might have any ideas of what to do with her “ugly” brick fireplace surround. Without even having a picture, I knew exactly what she was talking about. It seems that quite a few homes that were built 15-25 years ago have these brick fireplaces. We had one… We demo’d it… What a messy affair! Luckily she did not want/could not take it down… she was looking for something to mask it’s appearance.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Gladman

Photo Credit: Kimberly Gladman

Now these brick surrounds aren’t necessarily ugly, they just seem outdated amongst the rustic whistler style cultured stoned fireplaces, or the contemporary inserts that have a seamless chic concrete or drywalled surround below.


Solus Decor -


L&S Home -


We knew that we had to work with what we had and therefore put our minds together to come up with a design that incorporated a fire-resistant surround and not disrupt the integral brick structure but to also update the look of our little “ugly” duckling.

This story does not have an ending quite yet…. stay tuned and see our happily ever after. Here is a teaser “mock-up” drawing of what is to come. UPDATE: click here to see the finished product!