UPDATE: 2010-13 Renovation Update

Day 12 of our 16 Day Renovation. Yes, 16 days instead of 14. Delayed… 😦 But we are almost there! Check back again for our completed photos. Enjoy our “Update Video” showing our progress during those 12 days. Thanks!

CCSRproject: 2010-13 Private Residence

We started meeting for this project just after my son Levi was born, in October of 2010. Now after 7 months of planning, budgeting and organizing we “broke ground” or started our construction phase with CCSR Interior Design as Interior Designer and Project Manager. These photos below are not our before photos, but rather our Post-Demolition photos and where we started 7 days ago. In another 7 days we will have completed a 2200 sq. ft. remodel-renovation with our amazing crew of incredibly skilled trades-people. 

CCSRtip Tuesday – Paint Pots

CCSRtip – Do you love to try new paint colours – but are a little trigger shy because you don’t know what they will look like???

Try a paint pot! Grab a little can from your favourite paint store and apply a small swatch on the walls you wish to update. You can even try a few colours next to each other… These small cans are an affordable way to see if you really want to commit to the colour you dream of. Happy 16″x16″ Testing! (PS some of these “pots” have coupon’s for when you purchase your colour of choice – ex. General Paint $6.50 off)


CCSRtip Tuesday – Smart DESIGN on a Smart BUDGET

A few weeks ago I tweeted the following:

“Was so blessed tonight by one of my first clients… we did a total new house revamp – addition w/ master/ensuite retreat, new bedrooms…”

“… for their beautiful 5 children, new kitchen w/ marble island.. the best thing??? They did everything on the Floor Plan – BUT..”

“… On an incredibly fiscally responsible budget! IT CAN BE DONE! It looks fabulous, I am so impressed and proud of OUR project! #lovemyjob

I had one facebooker (Mr. Justin Hughes from Divine Hardwood Flooring) ask: “Any tips you’d like to share?”

I thought I’d use this as one of our CCSRtips: Smart DESIGN on a Smart BUDGET.

The first thing I’d like to stress is Smart Design ie. PLANNING … this element is KEY! That is where I usually come in… but anyone can do this!!! I feel so strongly that with careful and detailed designing and planning one can avoid costly mistakes and also in the end get almost exactly what they wanted. Now with a smart Budget… sometimes the things that we want are not always in the cards at that exact moment, but if they are in the PLAN then we can do the other things first and then work towards what we want things to look like one day. That way we are not wasting our money on cheaper versions that will eventually break down, wear out or go out of style but rather carefully work towards something that will have longevity and be something that is tailor made for US!

In the example from the client’s I tweeted about, they were a family of four when we started. They were living in a 2000 sq. ft. home that just was not working for them. The kitchen was tiny and there were many “boxed up” rooms – ie. no open spaces. They really loved where they lived and therefore wanted to see what could be done to make their space more usable for them. We started this project in 2009 with four-five months just in the planning phase… meeting – going over their needs, wants and dreams. We carefully planned out exactly what they needed, then what they wanted and finally we got to a point where we worked on what they always dreamed about, which was an addition that included their master retreat on the main floor with a en-suite outfitted with a marble floor, free-standing soaker tub, 5′ glass shower and two sink vanity. NOW here comes the DISCLAIMER! This couple is not like the rest… We planned and planned and then they did almost all of the construction work themselves, they “craigslisted” almost everything, they researched everywhere to get the best discount, they used their designer’s (CCSR ID) 10-35% discount at stores, and they still are working on the project currently (2011). They are an amazing couple and now with their FIVE children (yes, a fifth came to be during our planning phase) and a lot of faith and prayer, they are closer than ever to finishing their amazing project. It was truly such a blessing to see what stage they were at and to see how they took their budget and made extremely smart decisions – let’s save any and all money we can. Some examples: They bought various furniture pieces off of craigslist and painted an old farmhouse table bright yellow, they bought an old sectional for $50 and re-covered it, they found a discoloured (but beautiful) piece of marble and somehow got it fabricated for a fraction of the normal cost, they bought almost their entire Ikea kitchen off of craigslist as well because I had done up a detailed plan of what they needed – and then they found it!

I am so proud to say that I had the chance to see what it means to truly “Design Smart” and then to “Budget Smart” – and that lesson was really learnt when working on that one specific project. Money seems to be tight for almost anyone you speak to these days… but there are ways to make sure that you don’t have to part with all of it to get what you truly want – no wait… dream of!

Happy Dreaming – and remember Smart Design & Smart Budgets!

Before & Demolition Floor Plan

After Floor Plan

After Exterior View

CCSRtip Tuesday – Hiding Media Components & Their Wires

What do Media Components ie. – DVD/BluRay players, CD players, Gaming consoles – all have in common? Ugly wires that poke up and hang out everywhere!

What can be done about it?

CCSRtip – Hide those unsightly media component wires and even the units themselves with a custom built mantle or media unit!

In our example below, we designed a recessed mantle that could house all of our media components and then have all the wires come up a neat grommet hole through the back of the flat mantle piece – where all the wires could hide nicely behind the TV unit itself. This mantle doubles as a nice accent to our fireplace feature wall – one that you would never guess is loaded with all the necessities for movie watching and game playing.


Thanks to TDR Woodcraft for always understanding the visions and for BUILDING this amazing piece. Thanks to Crystal Loewen Photography for the always beautiful photos.

For project elevation drawings, click here.

A Tale of the “Ugly” Brick Fireplace…

A few weeks ago, a lovely friend, Kim of  Favourite Things, asked if I might have any ideas of what to do with her “ugly” brick fireplace surround. Without even having a picture, I knew exactly what she was talking about. It seems that quite a few homes that were built 15-25 years ago have these brick fireplaces. We had one… We demo’d it… What a messy affair! Luckily she did not want/could not take it down… she was looking for something to mask it’s appearance.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Gladman

Photo Credit: Kimberly Gladman

Now these brick surrounds aren’t necessarily ugly, they just seem outdated amongst the rustic whistler style cultured stoned fireplaces, or the contemporary inserts that have a seamless chic concrete or drywalled surround below.


Solus Decor - http://www.solus.com


L&S Home -


We knew that we had to work with what we had and therefore put our minds together to come up with a design that incorporated a fire-resistant surround and not disrupt the integral brick structure but to also update the look of our little “ugly” duckling.

This story does not have an ending quite yet…. stay tuned and see our happily ever after. Here is a teaser “mock-up” drawing of what is to come. UPDATE: click here to see the finished product!


UPDATE: After Photos

2009-04 SIR Before Photo

2009-04 SIR Kitchen After Photo

2009-11 JNR Before Photo

2009-11 JNR Residence Basement Suite After Photo

2009-14 BBR Before Photo

2009-14 BBR After Picture


UPDATE: Before Photos

2009-04 Stephen Before

2009-11 JNR Before Pictures

2009-14 BBR Before Picture

Stay tuned for the after photos from our most recent photoshoot with crystalloewenphotography



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