Side Note: This is so cute!

Shannon, a friend from school did a blog post on a website that highlighted Sitcom Floorplans by artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde. If you love you some classic good TV shows (grammar!), it’s just so cute! To check out her blog click HERE to check out the site click HERE.

August CCSR Vacation

Hello bloggos – hope you are all doing well out there in bloggerville!


It was a nice break to have the month of August to vacation from the world of twitter, facebook, and blogging. We were still busy bees over here at CCSR ID and have a few things to share – and will do so over the next few weeks. We also got our proofs back from our most recent photo session with Crystal Loewen Photography.


Have a lovely day&Chat soon.


In the wake of the “that” misinformer

Misinformation – Not my best friend today.

I have been working with a wonderful client on an almost complete home renovation. For the past few months we have been re-designing their Kitchen & Bathrooms along with choosing new “finishes” (ie. flooring – tile/engineered hardwood/carpet, countertops, wall tile, and paint) The client has a small dog and cat and wished to live a casual lifestyle where guests can feel free to keep their shoes on in their home and where they can even have other animal visitors. For the main flooring in the home we had chosen a hand-scraped engineered hardwood. The hand-scaped look has a textured top layer that hides scratches and dents really well – great for getting wood floors into your home when you have animals.

LONG STORY SHORT – they had another flooring supplier come in – and completely discount almost everything I had told them. They insisted that REAL HARDWOOD FLOORING was the way they should be going and that the product that we had chosen was made from MDF (not correct) and would “puff” up if any water should get onto the surface. This is just simply Un-True and MISINFORMATION!!! Now this new “information” has cast doubt in my clients mind! BUT… this all worked out for good! This doubt allowed for the client to get an additional explanation of why the product we had chosen was indeed a great choice for them.

SIDE NOTE – From my brain to yours. Engineered Hardwood – normally has a plywood backing with a wood veneered top and a HDF core. Depending on quality ($$$) some backing is actually engineered in a sophisticated criss-cross pattern that is incredibly strong and considered extremely “stable” as opposed to “REAL HARDWOOD” that is not as stable and can easily warp and expands/contracts more drastically. You always hear about re-finishing hardwood, and you cannot normally do this to engineered, but you DON’T need to as most engineered hardwood floors have an incredible warranty. Disclaimer! I am still learning about all the different materials out there, this is a generalization as products do vary.

As I am not 100% versed in all things Hardwood I always rely on those experts out there that can provide me with the information about hardwood or any other product that I am specifying. It is so important (As my mother always says…) to do your homework on any product that you decide to use. It’s not always easy, but I try to make a point of doing this on big ticket items and I ALWAYS do this for all the products I specify for my clients – because IT’S MY JOB!!!