CCSRpersonal: Our Big House Renovation – Half Way There!

Well, we are at the half way mark! I was just telling someone yesterday that the only way that the drywall even got up on schedule is because of some faithful people PRAYING for us! SO, we have all rough in completed – and drywall is on, taped and mudded – and all cabinetry boxes are in! Countertops have been measured. Hardwood has begun to be laid and tile is going in as we speak! Doors have all been primed and painted and some walls have the first coat of paint on! PRAISE THE LORD – things are on schedule!

I know I have shared the Floor Plan with you in a previous post – but today I thought I would share the RCP/Lighting Plan with you and give you an idea of the changes we made – so that when you see the finished product you get an idea of what we did. Now, a little disclaimer – given a larger budget, we would have done more lighting, more layering, ie. wall sconces – and changing locations of a few things. But, we didn’t want to over do it with the costs – as renovations can be really tricky – you can’t just throw a light or switching in any old place that you would like!

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.35.03 PMWe ended up adding around 35 recessed fixtures to the whole house-using renovation/retrofit pot lights – which allow the least amount of drywall damage to your ceiling. We also relocated a few junction boxes – so we could have two pendants above the island – a central light in the entry way and then added some sconces in the ensuite. We also added under cabinet lighting – which I find to make a huge impact in your kitchen. We had some amazing electricians – and they completed this rough in for us in three days. (Email me if you’d like their number!)

I really do love Restoration Hardware – and have decided to use a few of their light fixtures in our home. Here are the ones that we have ordered – see what you think!

BENSON PENDANT – Kitchen Island Pendant (Brushed-13″)

Benson Pendant


BURLAP DOME PENDANT – Dining Table Pendant 42″

Dome Pendant



Foucault's Iron Orb Chandelier Rustic Iron largevia

CHANDLER SCONCE – Ensuite Wall Sconce

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.46.58 PMvia


CCSRpersonal: Our Big House Renovation – Follow Along

Today, I thought I’d share with you some progress – Usually, before starting a project, I would ask my clients to compile some “inspiration images”, to give me a feel of what they are looking for. These would consist of some of their favourite furniture/decor pieces, their wish lists and dream ideas, and then finally some finishes that they LOVE! Since my client is: me, myself, and I … O, and my dear husband and lovely children, (can’t forget that their opinions matter as well!!!) most of my ideas are in my head as mental notes from when I have been sourcing for my clients or just doing research for the company. So, to include you as we take this wild ride, here are some ways you can follow along! This may help you visualize how this project will take shape and possibly give some direction on how to organize your ideas if you were thinking of renovating or re-decorating! Because Social Media is the bomb (yes, I just said that) – I thought I would use some neat little apps for sharing some of our selections. Enjoy! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook – all under CCSRdesign – for up to the minute inspiration (or if I’m keeping it real – many quirky photos of my children and other strange things!)






(still new to Pinterest – my boards are kinda lame – but a great way to keep track of specs and pricing!)

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 12.14.31 AMFACEBOOK

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 12.27.40 AMDISCLAIMER: Yes, I do enjoy Social Media – but am aware that these tools must be used with CAUTION… too much of a good thing… well, can be wonderful… but, sadly sometime becomes this:


Therefore, I will try to keep it simple!

CCSRtip Tuesday – Some bathroom renovation ideas

Today we start our first renovation of 2012 and we thought we’d share some ideas that we are using for this Ensuite Design.

Here is our elevation sketch for this project: where we used four ideas for a bathroom update.


A) Pendant lighting.

This is a unique and new way to light vanities… working the same way that sconces do – providing that great overall lighting on your face. Overhead vanity lighting and pot lights create a dark shadow on your face and a great solution for this is sconce lighting or this pendant lighting with the centre of the fixture hung at 5′-6″ A.F.F. Above is an example of a Tech Lighting pendant over vanity – beautiful.

B) Wall mounted faucet.

These faucets are a great choice if you want to add a little bit of interest to your bathroom. Used with a vessel sink, above counter sink, even a under-mount sink – these slick faucets are pretty great. They take a little more thought when specifying them – i.e.. height above sink rim- comfortable height for on/off lever and of course a plumber who has installed them before – it’s a little like a shower rough-in, but easy enough to figure out after a little research! Above are a few examples of more interesting wall mount faucets from our friends at Kohler and American Standard! We used the last example for this application.

C) Floating vanity with under-cabinet lighting

If you are going for a more contemporary look this is a great option – also adding more visual appeal to your space. When you have this great feature –  a floating vanity – what better to accentuate this, but with under-cabinet lighting. An easy way to achieve this look is with 3 LED puck lights surface mounted to the bottom of the unit. Unless you bend all the way over, you’ll never be able to see them, and this is much more cost effective that those amazing LED strips (they are amazing, you have no shadow gaps or visible fixture – but they are expensive!) This light feature will help you set a great mood or provide a neat night light.

 D) Recessed shower cubby.

Do you have a tiled shower surround? Do you find that you need more storage for your shower? Are you a little nervous of water issues in your shower? Yes??? Then these great shower cubby’s are option for you. They come in a variety of sizes and because of their design – they ensure that there is a water tight installation. Above photo shows an option from Maxx – we installed this version in our Marble Bathroom from last summer… The last photo shows another option where the installer added a beautiful tiled pattern to the recess.