UPDATE: THAT Pink Bathroom

In July, we posted about an outdated Pink Bathroom in West Maple Ridge… Although, the colour was an issue in this ensuite, the layout was definitely the reason for the renovation. (Especially since there are websites devoted to Pink Bathrooms – see THIS to believe it!) In this 12′-0″ x 8′-6″ room, the large soaker tub took up half of the floor area. There was literally no storage because of the pedestal sink and the shower was one of the typical 3′-0″ x 3′-0″ enclosures with the angled exterior corner door – which was just not functional for daily use.

So, it was to the drawing board for us – how do use our space wisely and create a functional environment that also has amazing form. We designed a beautiful 5′-6″ vanity with lots of storage, it also had two sinks and it’s lines mirrored the master suite furniture. We added lighting above head and a sconce to provide eye height lighting (which does not cast uneven shadows on the face) and the client also thought it would be lovely to include a chandelier above HER freestanding dream soaker tub. All of the elegant plumbing fixtures are finished in polished chrome to add to the sparkle and reflection in the space, along with the glass shower door enclosure – which continues to enlarge the room. The marble – in various sizes, 12″x24″, 6″x18″ and 1″x1″ was used to create pattern and interest in the floor and 6″x18″ tile was used on the shower wall with a 2″x12″ chairrail to finish the edge. We were also able to include details such as; a heated floor mat (laid under the tile) and a heated towel unit, and we also ordered pulls from a specialty retailer in Victoria.

These clients, (as all my clients are) were again wonderful to work with – with such close attention to detail that all parties involved in the process, myself included (!!!) were so pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy seeing how we came up with our solution to our previous Pink Problem…. Here are some before and after photos as promised.

PS… If you are a fan of apartment therapy – they apparently enjoy Pink Bathrooms as well…. Although … WAY more stylish than ours was!


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